Highest quality

9 out of 10 employers say that referrals are the #1 best source for above-average applicants.

Faster hiring

Referred candidates are 55% faster to hire compared to employees sourced through career sites.

Lower Cost-per-Hire

82% of employers rate referrals above all other sources for generating the best return on investment.

Most advanced employee referral program

Optimized for all employees
Employee Referral Tool with Network-Matching

with LinkedIn, GitHub & Xing

Employee Referral Tool WhatsApp & SMS
Participation via WhatsApp & SMS

for non-desk employees

Increase amount of
high-quality referrals

A simple process that you and your employees will love

Employees receive suggestions from their network

Updates about job vacancies. Ask proactively for referrals for suitable positions.

Network suggestions. Suitable candidates from their network are suggested to employees.


Referring works quick and easy - you will love it.

Individual referral link. Employees can conveniently recommend suitable candidates directly or share the position on social media.

GDPR-compliant process. The referral process is quick, easy and GDPR-compliant for everyone involved.


Long-term motivation through immediate recognition

Gamification. Enable employees to instantly experience success by collecting points for interim achievements, such as applications or an interview invitation.

Proper appreciation. Every input & added value is rewarded, even if a good referral is not hired.

Digitales Empfehlungsprogramm mit ATS Integration

Applications automatically land in your HR software

Everything runs automatically. Save a lot of manual administration effort and make better use of your time.

Integration to your ATS. Do you use an applicant tracking system? We integrate seamlessly with your existing HR software.


Watch the 5-min demo video

For which group of employees are you looking for a solution?
Digitales Mitarbeiterempfehlungsprogramm für Software Entwickler
White-Collar Employees

Software, Sales, Marketing, etc.

Digitales Mitarbeiterempfehlungsprogramm für Fachkräfte
Not-Desk Employees

Frontline Worker

Learn more.

Talk to one of our referral experts. We are happy to advise you regarding your current referral program and how to use the full potential.

Employee Referral Tool Screenshot
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