Matching of employee network

Suggesting employees possible fits by matching open positions with the his / her network.

Automate & improve the process

Update employee individually optimized about open vacancies. Suggestions based on selected interests and network

Engagement & Gamification

Intrinsically motivating with defined goals, leaderboard & a lot more. Based on the current state of motivational research.


Make it super easy: Employees automatically get suggestions from their network.

They can quickly browse through their personal network. Relevant candidates can be referred directly or forwarded to the HR team. This leads to more and better referrals.

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Recommending the best talent should be fun - on the computer and on mobiles phones.

At out intuitive platform, the employee can log in, see personal referral suggestions from his network, experience the gamification, get an overview of all open vacancies & a lot more.

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Access the complete network and not only the small conscious network.

With our matching technology, we can suggest your employees great fits from their much larger “real” and unconscious network.


15% more productive


employed 29 days after application

up to 16k€

up to 85% cheaper


stay 25% longer

Our solution works hand in hand with most HR software.

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Bring your culture to the next level: Give ever employee a voice in recruiting.

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