The AI-first Talent Management Platform

Turn Career Growth into a habit at your company.

Imagine your employees regularly learning new skills to progress in their careers, allowing you to retain them long-term and fill every second or third position internally.

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Sprad helps to understand your employees, provides career perspective, and supports employees to reach their career goals.

Step Towards a Skill-Based Organization = Greatest HR Potential

The more difficult it becomes to find qualified employees, the more important it is to successfully develop talent and promote internal mobility. A fundamental prerequisite for this is the transition to skill-based talent management.

Old school without Sprad

Missing Employee Skill Profiles
Lack of development perspectives and transparency
Development opportunities are not utilized
Manual processes in Excel documents

High turnover and unused potential

The new way with Sprad

Understanding employees and digitally capturing requirement profiles
Showing individual development perspectives
Employees are matched with relevant development opportunities
Professional, AI-supported process

Fill roles up to 50% with internal hires

"The most successful HR project we implemented yet"

Sprad Customer (Logistics)

Fill positions faster


kürzere Time-To-Hire

Empfohlene Kandidaten sind 55% schneller eingestellt als Mitarbeiter:innen, die über Job Portale gefunden werden.

Improve candidate quality and retention


Arbeitgeber sehen in Empfehlungen die beste Quelle für überdurchschnittliche Bewerber:innen.

Senke Recruiting Kosten


Kosten sparen

82% der Arbeitgeber erzielen mit Empfehlungen vergleichsweise den besten ROI.

Ensure transparency of your career framework

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Guarantee a fully GDPR-compliant and scalable employee referral program

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AI Autopilot for your Skill Management

Our AI-driven software quickly creates comprehensive requirements and individual skill profiles for your team. Automatic reminders support the continuous updating of profiles. Our AI analyzes this data to precisely identify key skill gaps and development opportunities


AI Autopilot for your Skill Management

Optimize the development and performance conversations in your company through dual assessments that include employee self-assessments and manager evaluations. Precise AI-generated agenda suggestions support teams in effectively addressing differences and setting clear action items for the next meeting.


AI Talent Marketplace: Empowering Employees to Take Control of Their Career

Our AI Talent Marketplace simplifies career development by automatically suggesting suitable learning materials, mentors, internal projects, and employee training opportunities. This enables employees to explore individually tailored development opportunities and career paths without having to search for options themselves.

sprad = Game Changer

Sprad combines the best of current talent management and talent intelligence platforms. As the first AI- and People-First talent development platform, we address the most significant remaining challenge: employee participation.

5x Higher Usage than Alternative Solutions

Complex personnel development processes hidden in user-unfriendly HR platforms inevitably lead to low adoption. Sprad changes that. Sprad reaches employees where they are active daily with relevant impulses for their career - e.g. via Microsoft Teams or Slack. Only when employees are interested in development on their own can advancement become a habit.

AI-First Platform

From creating and maintaining skill frameworks to providing tailored recommendations for each employee - the most advanced AI algorithms empower HR, managers, and employees with superpowers.


Multi-tenancy, Multi-Language Capability, the highest Standard for IT Security and Data Protection, SSO, and Integration with most Enterprise Applications make Sprad the perfect choice for large organizations.

Build for employees

When HR software is primarily designed for HR teams and employees play only a subordinate role, their development also remains secondary. Therefore, Sprad focuses on employees and ensures the platform offers them real added value.

Lightning-fast implementation and expert coaching

Our expert team will guide you so that you’re up and running in no time — from setup to rollout and beyond.

Your intro to Sprad

In this short meeting, we want to understand your challenges and potential and show you our solution based on this analysis.

+43 720 881947
Opernring 1, 1010 Wien
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