Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an extra software for my referral program?

In our experience, manual referral programs have 4 hurdles:

  1. Employees are not aware of the open positions in the company.
  2. The manual process is much more time-consuming for employees and HR and often not DSGVO-compliant.
  3. Due to the long process until hiring, direct feedback is missing and employees quickly lose motivation.
  4. Only a small part of the actual network of employees is used.

This is exactly where Sprad comes into play:

  1. Employees are continuously informed about new job postings.
  2. The job can be shared with one click and the application lands immediately in the HR system.
  3. Intermediate successes are rewarded individually.
  4. Our Network Matching helps to reach the previously unused unconscious network.
For which HR systems is an integration possible?

Sprad is already connected to most of the popular systems: Personio, Onlyfy, Lever, greenhouse, SuccessFactors & more. We are also constantly working to enable connections to other systems. You can discuss your software solution directly with us in the Info Call.

Is an adaptation to my corporate design possible?

Yes, the interface including logos, colors, text suggestions and more can be customized to fit your corporate design.

Which languages are available

By default, Sprad is available in German and English. Other languages can also be added on request, which may incur additional costs for translation.

How does Sprad prevent abusive behavior?

Sprad offers several ways to increase the quality of recommendations and make abusive behavior unattractive:

  1. The dynamic point system rewards recommendations the further they advance in the application process. An unqualified recommendation is therefore simply not profitable.
  2. Direct feedback can be given for each recommendation.
  3. Network matching helps employees to find qualified contacts with a direct connection.
  4. In a serious case, points can be cancelled retrospectively and people can be excluded from the reward system.
How fast can Sprad be implemented?

Your Sprad platform is ready to use in 1-2 weeks. However, we recommend our customers to allow 4-6 weeks lead time for settings, communication and technical integration.

Is Sprad's Network Matching compliant with the GDPR?

We have worked out the responsible handling of personal data with one of the leading data protection law firms and had it approved. We only use publicly available data, like Google does. We also only use data from professional platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing.
We are happy to share the respective document upon request so that you can see for yourself.

What are the advantages of referral recruiting?
  1. Via recommendations, employees are found much faster and vacancies are filled more quickly.
  2. As a result, the cost per hire is reduced by up to 86%.
  3. Recommended employees remain 25% longer in the company on average and are significantly more productive and trained more quickly.
What are the advantages of a referral program via SMS and WhatsApp?

Participation via SMS and WhatsApp is especially successful for companies with many commercial employees, as it allows people without email or PC access to participate in the recommendation process.

We use the messaging APP on a daily basis. We are used to it and so we usually do not block push notifications either. This makes it easier to reach employees than by comparison with a dedicated APP, which is quickly muted and forgotten.

If the employee would like to have an APP, the mobile web solution can also be displayed as an APP icon on the end device - completely without downloading.

How useful is Sprad for international companies with multiple locations?

Sprad is also suitable for international companies. The more employees and open positions a company has, the greater the potential. The software can also take the individual locations into account for individual bonuses.

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